August 07, 2006

Looks Can Be Deceiving (Cherry Smoothie)

This is a cherry smoothie.

Unlike my previous, Bing cherry smoothies, this ones uses the ridiculously sweet Rainier cherries of the Pacific Northwest. It looks as though it should be a peach or apricot drink, because of its pale, golden, red-flecked appearance, but the only fruit in there is cherry. The rest of the smoothie is vanilla yoghurt, 1% milk, and a little lime cordial. Five minutes, tops.

I'm a big fan of smoothies for breakfast (or pre-brunch). These little darlings, though, are so incredibly sweet, that it feels more like dessert, or some particularly naughty snack. Full of fruity goodness, but startling as a breakfast food, particularly to someone who has severely cut back her sugar intake this past year.

I also tried a chocolate cherry smoothie, by adding a tablespoon of cocoa powder to the mix (for two). Still shockingly sweet, of course, still not really breakfasty, of course, but tasty - and not entirely unhealthy, really!

I think I'll save the rest of my Rainiers for dessert, perhaps simply pitted cherries doused in a little brandy, and go back to blackberries and raspberries for my drinkable breakfasts.


Kate said...

I love smoothies! Delicious, nutritious and easy to whip up.

I like you site. I have added you to my blogroll

(aka Kate in the Kitchen)

Sara said...

Dawna a cherry smoothie sounds wonderful. I've been have nectarine smoothies this week to use them up before they go south.

Dawna said...

Hi Kate - thanks for stopping by!

I'm in smoothie madness this year! I think that raspberry is probably my favourite, followed pretty closely with blackberry. I'm going to have to give the nectarines a try, though - thanks for the idea, Sara!