August 28, 2006

A Good Steak

A good steak can be hard to find but, fortunately, it's pretty easy to make. I marvel at minor-league steakhouses that charge an arm and a leg for something that usually requires pretty much minimal preparation - and then often manage to do it badly or at least indifferently. I know that best-quality meat can be expensive, of course, but for goodness sake, do it right!

I don't cook steak all that often, though. I don't have the attachment to it as special occasion food, as some folks seem to, and it is a bit pricey for good cuts. I have had excellent luck with rib steaks, (and I make a mean flank steak) but this time, I decided to try the good ol' dependable strip loin, simply because I had never cooked one before.

I selected a smallish steak - the smallest that I could find, actually - since I was cooking only for myself. In the store, it seemed petite to the point of being teensy, but it really would have been big enough for two people to share, if they weren't being too greedy. Sadly, I ate the entire thing myself, and I'm not sorry one bit.

I followed Alton Brown's instructions, which have never failed me on the rib eye, and which apparently work wonderfully with any tender steak. A quick pat of butter in the vacated pan, while the steak rested, a slosh of red wine from my glass, and a smattering of parsley made an impromptu pan sauce, reducing to a syrup consistency in the time it took for the steak to recover its composure.

I had a side dish of Thai red rice (not pictured, sorry) and a salad with fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, but almost any side dish at all would do just fine.


Stefanie said...

Is that medium rare? That's just how I like my steaks. Looks delish!

kickpleat said...

ooh, i love steak and that one looks so lovely. yum

movita said...


Molly said...

Oooh, Dawna, that is one *gorgeous* steak! I don't have beef at home very often, but I had a delicious medium-rare steak for my birthday last week, and now I can hardly stop thinking about it. Thanks for the link to that Alton Brown method - it will most certainly come in handy...

Dawna said...

Stefanie - yes! Medium rare is perfect for this cut of beef.

Kickpleat - I eat steak so seldom, but having one like this makes me want to have it more often.

Movita - thanks!

Molly - thanks! Alton has never steered me wrong (ha ha) in the method-department. While his instructions can be a little over-the-top (he takes WAY too long to make a pizza crust) his recipes and techniques always seem to turn out very well.

Mat Fournier said...

Lately I've been addicted to a little roquefort butter on a good steak on the BBQ. Don't get me wrong, a good steak with no sauce is fantastic, but sometimes you want a little oomph. Simple simple to whip up, butter, blue cheese, and a bit of garlic. Mix while warm. Put a nice dab on the steak. Google for the exact mix, I'm sure there are a thousand variations. Amazing, esp if you are a blue cheese addict.

Mahek said...

you have such heavenly crockery the food looks more attractive on such a good crockery . do you use it for regular use or only on occassions.
i am from india i love your blog and the way you present your food thanks for sharing with us

Dawna said...

Hi Mat - thanks for stopping by. The blue cheese sounds delicious - I'm something of an all-cheeses addict!

Mahek - thanks for your lovely comments on my dinnerware! The china patter is Cornucopia by Wedgwood, and the stoneware is (mostly) just simple black stuff. I do use the china for everyday meals (unless I plan to throw everything in the dishwasher), but I don't have a full set, yet. It took me a long time to find a china pattern that I actually liked!