August 16, 2006

Indoor grilling

I've never owned a proper outdoor grill. Mostly, the succession of apartments that I've lived in since I finished school wouldn't allow for it, either space-wise (tiny balconies) or financially. The house that I currently live in has a nice, big deck... well, actually, it has a big deck that's not that nice. It's weirdly shaped and one corner is falling down - literally - and the landlord (who claimed he was going to fix it in July) still hasn't shifted himself to do anything about it. I would be hesitant to put anything that had both fire/heat and weight out on it.

So, I have an indoor grill instead. Not a George Foreman, because my flinch-factor wouldn't go that high, but a sensibly oblong Hamilton Beach model that unhinges itself to be either a flat-grill surface, or clam-lids to become a two-sides-at-once kind of grill.

I am told that indoor grills never give you grill marks, but this is obviously untrue. What I have learned is that you need to preheat the little devils for at least 15 minutes, rather than the five minutes suggested by the manufacturer, and that a combination of open-lid/closed-lid works best to ensure even, rapid cooking that doesn't simply steam away the lovely striped char and leave you with dented, pale food.

The chicken above was my first use of the spice rub I gleefully reported receiving earlier this summer. I have little information as to what is actually in it, but it is certainly delicious, and while the chicken breast that I cooked with it wasn't as fabulous as the one that was cooked for me in Gibsons (on a real, proper, outdoor grill), it was certainly up to the task of tasting terrific.

Using spice rubs is fairly new to me, and I think I was a little too hesitant with the quantity needed here, so next time I will be sure to be more generous. I'm also contemplating using it on baked pork tenderloin, which has become one of my favourite affordable cuts of meat.


Sara said...

I had a Hamilton Beach grill and it was the best grill I ever had. I hate my George Foreman with a passion.

Kate said...

Mmmmmm......looks so professionally done with those cross-hatched stripes

Indoor or out, grilled is great.

Lydia said...

Warning -- grilling is addictive! There is nothing quite like the taste of food cooked on the grill. I have a grill on my porch, and I use it all year. Happy grilling!

kickpleat said...

all i have is a grill pan and it works wonders. i'd love to have an outdoor space, but right now i'll take what i can get. your dinner looks lovely.

DinaLove said...

I am, quite frankly, in awe. Of your food, of your writing, of your blog. Thank you for being always in the kitchen.

Dawna said...

Sara - what particularly is it that you don't like about the GF grill? I'm quite curious.

Kate - thanks! I was quite proud of the cross-hatching.

Lydia - well noted, and thanks.

Kickpleat - I've been meaning to get a proper iron grill-pan - there are some things that simply need that rocket-hot surface, and the little electric ones can't quite manage it. It's definitely on my list!

Dinalove - thank you for your very kind praise.

Sara said...

Dawna - it's too small (which is only the fault of that size of grill), I hate the angle of it - food always slips down it or right off, and I don't like that the grease tray is not attached in some way - it gets knocked around and spilled too easily.