April 07, 2005

Mid-week domestic frenzy

I fear that my plans for this evening might outstrip my available time and energy - they're certainly going to cut into my CSI watching time (which didn't used to be a factor, thank you Lisa). I'm forging ahead, though, because the freezer is bare. Well, not bare, exactly. It's just that I used up the last of the frozen burritos, and now cannot imagine wanting anything else for lunch.

In the spirit of adventure, and because the supermarket has a pretty good special on boneless, skinless chicken breast right now, I'm planning to incorporate a little diced chicken breast into the latest version. Of course, while I'm sitting at the table rolling and wrapping a dozen or so burritos (first in the tortilla, then in plastic wrap for freezing), I might as well have some other irons in the fire, so to speak. I've got a frozen chicken carcass waiting to become stock, and a head of none-too-frisky looking celery that is probably in desperate need of use, so I think I'll set that a-simmer before I start mixing my filling.

Making burritos in the evening has the added advantage of making dinner as a sort of by-product. Maybe I'll get a little crazy and add some of the prawns that I've got stashed in the freezer to the ones we'll be eating for dinner.

All this leaves the oven free, and I'm down to a mere couple of slices of Spiced Sweet Potato Bread in the freezer, so if I'm really organized I will be able to have a cake or pan of cookies or something merrily baking away while I attend other matters. I sort of have my doubts about that last one, there. It may depend on how frisky I'm feeling by the time I get home from the store.

Even if I only get the burritos done, I'll still be basking in the glory of accomplishment, and won't feel guilty about drinking in front of the tv for the rest of the night.

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