April 04, 2005


I must be on the mend - I'm ravenous this morning. This is the first time my appetite has truly kicked in since Tuesday, so I'm sort of relieved. And hungry!

Bunny dinner went fairly well - the parsnip pieces were perhaps a little on the small side and therefore cooked up a little spongy, but flavourful none-the-less. The sauce was slightly milder than usual, as I was using a different brand of Dijon than my beloved Maille, but was tasty, and yielded enough to double as a pasta sauce in leftover-land.

The hit of the evening was undoubtedly the raw milk brie de Meaux that I scored from Granville Island on Saturday. Rich, buttery, fragrant, and smooth, and unlike any other brie I've ever had. It took some careful unwrapping, as it was pretty soft, but patience is rewarded for such things.

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