August 31, 2005

World Blog Day

I have been remiss in not providing a links section to some of the many food blogs that I read regularly. I do plan to add one in the not-too-terribly-distant future, but it hasn't happened yet, obviously. However, in honour of World Blog Day, I will share five remarkable food blogs whose pages I visit regularly, whose updates I look forward to more than any newspaper or magazine (well, except, perhaps Cooks Illustrated), and with whom I feel some form of culinary kinship, despite never having met any of them. It's hard to pick only five, because I read about 15 regularly and even more on a periodic basis.

Without further ado, and in alphabetical order:

Bakingsheet - Nic in Los Angeles produces volumes of stunning food with charming anecdotes from cooking school classes and simple, easy-to-follow recipes.

Chocolate & Zucchini - Clothilde in Paris manages one of the best known food blogs in the world, and has a forum full of helpful and interesting folks from around the world participating. Lots of well written short pieces on the food she finds and eats in Paris and occasionally elsewhere.

Delicious! Delicious! - Caren details her career as a personal chef to a hollywood actor (anonymous, of course) in movie-script format. The little stories are entertaining, the recipes are simple but impressive looking.

Domestic Goddess - Jennifer in Toronto has an impressive link archive of worldwide food blogs, but her own site is well worth perusing, with fun little notes on her personal culinary escapades.

Orangette - Molly in Seattle writes charming and delightful, highly personal, diary-like entries and posts fabulous recipes. Hers was the first food blog that I encountered after starting this one, and is the gold standard of its kind - terrific recipes (I've made a number of them without a flop), great photography, and thoughtful prose. After playing catch-up in her archives, I very nearly discontinued my own. I'm a stubborn cuss, though, and don't stop talking easily.

There are so many more: Pumpkin Pie Bungalow, Food Ninja, Lex Culinaria, Oswego Tea, Culinary Adventure...

I promise to install a proper links section soon.


Templar said...

Ohhhh...ohhh. I made the list,,, *gushes* thank you...

Dawna said...

Heh - well, I do check in on you, at least a couple of times per week!

Molly said...

Dawna, what a wonderful surprise to stumble upon this post! You, my dear, are far too kind, and I'm honored to have made your list. Thank you!

Dawna said...

You're very welcome, Molly - I mean every word - including the bit about how hard it is to get me to shut up... ;)