February 15, 2010

Diet Reviews

Diets? Really?

Yep. There's a lot of advice and information out there, and I'm doing my best to try and make sense of some of it. While many of these reviews will have content relating to weight loss, I will also be dealing with material intended to help improve and manage one's overall health.

Check out my new blog "Much Ado About Diet", where I'll be reviewing diet books, programs and related materials from time to time.

It is important to me to let you know that I do not, and will not, accept any payment or compensation for these reviews, although some of the items reviewed have been provided to me at no cost.


Lisa said...

Great blog :-)

Amy B. said...

Diet books, hehe! Will be looking forward to your reviews. Will you be posting them in your blog too?

Debbie said...

Thanks for the link. I like this blog. The food on these posts looks so great.

Dawna said...

Thanks, Lisa!

Amy B, the diet reviews will mostly be posted on their own blog, per the link, but some discussion may take place regarding the test recipes, on this one.

Thanks, Debbie!

The next review up will be the Serotonin Power Diet, and I'm just working on scheduling the test recipe so I can get it posted. Soon!