May 11, 2006

Creature of Habit

In many ways, I am a creature of habit. In other ways, since those habits do shift with a certain, shall we say, regularity, perhaps I could be better called a creature of jags. Sometimes I manage to have more than one jag going at any particular time, but that's another story for another time - perhaps one where we are discussing time management, for example

One of my most consistant habits is toast for weekday breakfasts. What I choose to put on my toast, however, is completely subject to the jag of the moment - in this case, avocado. As you can see, I am a fan of the avocado. Since avocados can ripen quite quickly when it is most inconvenient to make a big batch of guacamole, this leads to the occasional need to use them up promptly.

I have discovered that a cut avocado lasts quite well in the fridge if I have carefully flattened a piece of plastic wrap in full-contact with the cut flesh. This means that I can get away with using only a quarter-avocado on my toast, as it will happily keep for a few days.

Avocados are full of good things, but they are fairly rich, so I like to keep my intake somewhat discreet. At this time, a quarter-avocado sliced onto rye toast, sprinkled with a little fleur de sel or Brittany grey sea salt, a grinding of fresh pepper, and breakfast is ready. Even with my compressed morning schedule, I can manage that much. So, for the moment, I'm all about the avocados. When tomato season hits, though, tomato-toast will again reign supreme in breakfastland.


Natalia said...

I love avocado on toast. My friend from Peru introduced me to it a while ago, she eats everyday, and I've been hooked ever since!

Michele said...

I've never tried avocados on toast... looks good!!

Dawna said...

Thanks for stopping by, From Our Kitchen. Avocados are pretty common at all meals in South and Central America. The buttery/creamy texture is perfect against crunchy bread.

Michele, if you like avocados even a little bit, go for it! I used to always add a thin layer of mayonnaise under the avocado, but I've dispensed with that entirely, now. It doesn't need it.