July 06, 2005

Too much tzatziki

I have no sense of proportion when it comes to making sauces, so perhaps it should be no surprise that I have way too much tzatziki sauce left after my lamburger dinner on Sunday. The solution? Souvlaki! A little lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, oregano, salt and pepper, a little time goes by, and boom! Onto the grill.

Shortly after that, it's into a split pita with an enormous spoonful of greek salad and the aforementioned tzatziki sauce, and dinner was ready.

My day was not quite as simple as that sounds, however, because I had lessons in camera maintenance to learn. Namely, that if you leave the camera turned on while plugged into your computer for 24 hours, the fresh batteries die. So, with my souvlaki marinating away, I ran out to the corner store, cursing under my breath at the shoe that would not stay on my foot, skitter into the shop to get stuck behind some slow-talking customer who couldn't make up his mind what kind of phone card he wanted to purchase, bought the batteries with the last of my change, and skittered back home.

I still have a little tzatziki left - just enough to take care of the leftovers.

Mmmmm. Souvlaki.


Ana said...

Those are some tasty looking souvlaki!

Dawna said...

Thanks, Ana - it's amazing how much of my menu planning is driven by the need to use something up (which is a subset of the terrible fear of wasting food). Tzatziki is very useful, though - burger sauce, salad dressings, veggie dip - but I still don't like it to sit in the fridge too long.

Templar said...

I used 3 large slices of rye bread in my Beef patti recipie.. I wized them in my blender when they were fresh out of the bread bag..

Dawna said...

Cool - thanks, Templar!