February 24, 2005

I'll have the duck

It’s difficult for me to refrain from ordering duck, when I see it on a menu. Not that there is anything wrong with ordering duck – quite the contrary. There does come a point, however, when one can get in something of a rut. A delicious rut, but a rut none-the-less. Happily for me, Feenie’s offers a good variety of duck dishes, from the upscale shepherd’s pie to the duck clubhouse sandwich and the always popular duck confit. They even serve duck prosciutto in their Oyama-heavy charcuterie menu section. I can order duck while fulfilling my burning need for variety. But still, it has gotten to the point of self-consciousness on the order of feeling the need to explain myself, if I order duck.

A few of my friends are fellow sufferers of this near-disorder of compulsive duck-ordering. When I opt for something else instead, I find myself secretly hoping that one of my companions will order the duck so that I can taste it, or at least smell it. I feel as I imagine a recent ex-smoker would feel, hoping desperately that someone else will light up a cigarette.

Menus that contain both duck and schnitzel just about do me in.


McJulie said...

Before our trip to Indonesia, I had had duck only once (at an indifferent Chinese restaurant) and didn't care for it much. In Indonesia, I had duck dishes in a number of buffets, and it was always delicious (particularly in the traditional Balinese dinner...mmmm...). So I'm willing to give duck another go.

Dawna said...

I recommend Continental (particularly French) preparations of duck. I have had excellent Peking duck in upscale Chinese restaurants, but most noodle-house duck preparations leave me feeling greasy and resentful.

Yay! My first comment!